Alex Snellgrove

Alex Snellgrove

I see things worth painting just about everywhere I go. I can see beauty and interest in what might seem humdrum or banal scenes and subjects – it’s not an effort, because for me, the subjects take second place to the feelings they inspire in me and which prompt me to produce artwork.

I live in an urban and suburban environment, so some of my work reflects moments on the streets, parks and footpaths. I enjoy drawing and painting buildings, people and traffic, cafes, and even shopping malls. Sometimes nature inspires me, but it’s usually in combination with other elements. Often, changing light is a catalyst for these paintings.

I also live on the coast. I am interested in the connection between humans and the ocean, the magnetic attraction the ocean has for many, and the physical freedom Australians enjoy on the beach. This feeling of joy is what I find attractive and interesting. The play of light on water is also endlessly fascinating and a real challenge to paint.

For more than 20 years, I worked as an art director, illustrator and publisher in the advertising and publishing industries. Since becoming a professional artist, I have held solo shows at Charles Hewitt Gallery, Hat Hill Gallery, Art2Muse and Gallery East (5 shows) and taken part in numerous group shows at NG Gallery, and many more. Art2Muse regularly sells my work, and others are on display at Winkel Galleries in Clovelly. I won the Waverley Prize for Landscape in 2014 and the inaugural 9x5 Impressionism Prize in 2016.

I currently teach drawing and painting for adults at North Sydney Community Centre and Waverley Woollahra Art School, and tutor a number of talented children privately. I am a member of two sketch clubs, and sketch constantly.

To see my most recent work, go to A Drawing a Day by Alex on Facebook, and @alexsnellgroveartist on Instagram, and to see my students’ work, go to Art by Alex, also on Facebook.

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